Harvesting Seaweed in Legoe Bay, Lummi Island, WA

Our Vision for a Healthy Future

Our mission is to offer healthy, local seagreens to our community, with a low carbon footprint. This extends to planting, maintaining, harvesting, and shipping, in addition to the benefit of carbon sequestration. Our seagreens enterprise will also provide a model for a dual usage of reefnet sites, allowing for year-round income to fishers.


Offering a local source of sea greens to restaurants and business.


A healthy food that is high in vitamins and minerals.


Sustainably harvested, and good for the environment.

Job Creation

Using our reefnet fishing site to create year round employment.

Growing Seagreens in the Pacific Northwest

Our First Crop

Our first crop of sugar kelp has been harvested and we are excited because it was a success!

  • Our buyer, Stephen Shreck from Salish SeaGreens, said it was the best sugar kelp he has ever handled.
  • The blades were 10′ long and 8″ wide, with no fouling or other degradation.
  • We learned a lot! As it was our first planting, we scaled it back, but our next planting will be larger and there will be more to go around.
  • By growing seaweed we are increasing the ph of the surrounding water by capturing carbon, thus mitigating ocean acidification, benefiting the Salish Sea, and creating a better environment for our salmon, Orca whales and all sea life to thrive in.
  • Research shows that seaweed has potential health benefits, and because of this it’s popularity has grown. It’s low in calories and rich in bio-active compounds. It contains vitamins A, D, E, C and B, and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.
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Our Team

Riley Starks
Riley StarksPrincipal
After graduating from WWU in 1972, Riley became a commercial fisherman. In 1992, after moving to Lummi Island, he bought a reefnet gear and switched to reefnet fishing in Legoe Bay. He’s fished there every summer, since.

During his years on Lummi Island Riley built Nettles Farm, now a culinary B&B; he co-founded Lummi Island Wild, a fish company; and, from 2001-2013, created the present iteration of the Willows Inn on Lummi Island.

In 2017 Riley founded the Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing Methods with the goal of continuing the educational work he has done since 2001, first through the Willows Inn and then through Lummi Island Wild, educating people about the reefnet fishing industry and the sustainability of the Salish Sea.

Larry Mellum
Larry MellumPrincipal
In 2003 Larry opened Pike Place Chowder in the Pike Place Market and in 2007 he launched the second restaurant in Pacific Place Center. For the past eighteen years it has been an extraordinary journey. The restaurants have won countless awards, accolades and recognition from people, news agencies and organizations from around the country and the world.

Reflecting Larry’s commitment to the environment, all seafood in the chowders is 100% Certified Sustainable. He joined forces with Riley Starks and Salish Center in 2018 and has been a staunch supporter ever since, working to revive the Salish Sea, and restore the habitats for its inhabitants.

Kyle Kinley
Kyle KinleyPrincipal
Kyle is a Lummi Nation fisher from many generations of fishers. His family stand as giants in the political realization of Lummi Nation sovereignty, and is also legendary in the fishing world.
Roger Kubalek
Roger KubalekFisher and Co-Owner of Full Bloom Farm
Steve Thatcher
Steve ThatcherLifelong Reefnetter
Kevin Castellanos
Kevin CastellanosFisher

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